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CeraRoot is a global leader in metal-free, holistic and esthetic implant dentistry. Having pioneered the latest research and developments in the field of zirconium oxide implant dentistry with the CeraRoot system, we have a philosophy of doing more to advance dental regeneration, restoration, and replacement, as well as patient care. With the CeraRoot implant system and CeraCrown prosthetic components, we deliver superior solutions that enable dental professionals to provide the best possible care to patients.


CeraRoot S.L
Josep Umbert 128
08402 Granollers
Barcelona. Spain

Phone.(+34) 93 768 39 62


CeraRoot L.L.C.
2800 Neilson Way , Suite 2
Santa Monica, California, 90405
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Phone. (800) 485-1613
Phone: (310) 392-2623      Phone: (818) 450-4776


About us

Located in Barcelona, Spain,  CERAROOT company is a global leader in zirconium oxide implant and restorative dentistry. Founded by Drs. Oliva in 1995, the company has experienced a great growth with the development of the CeraRoot zirconium oxide implant system and the CeraCrown prosthetic components. In collaboration with leading clinics (LDCW – The Leading Dental Centers of The World), research institutes and universities, we study and develop implants, prosthetic components and instruments for use in tooth replacement solutions. We also offer a comprehensive training and services to the dental profession worldwide, including training and education, which is provided in collaboration with the LDCW group. Our products are available worldwide through the online shop.

Executive Management

Dr. Xavi Oliva                     Dr. Josep Oliva 
Chief Executive Officer         President

Legal structure

CERAROOT S.L   Josep Umbert, 128 08402 Granollers, Barcelona. Spain.

VAT: ES B66638339 Phone. (+34) 93 768 39 62  www.ceraroot.com info@ceraroot.com Registered in: REGISTRE MERCANTIL DE BARCELONA: tomo 4501, folio 88, hoja 476854. Sanitary Licence: AGENCIA ESPAÑOLA DEL MEDICAMENTO: licence nº5546-PS.

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  1. I am investigating using your zirconia implants as I am getting many inquiries into zirconia vs titanium. Most of what I have seen involve single teeth implants. I would like to know if you have any long term results with bridges over zirconia implants. More specifically, I have a patient missing her upper anteriors from canine to canine, and need to decide whether to recommend a 3 unit bridge from canine to central or six individual crowns. I am in Vancouver BC and am also wondering if you have a local rep. to discuss. My office number is 604 _-_—-
    Thank you

  2. Aloha,
    I just had remaining maixilarry teeth (and bridgework) removed. Do you have a system that will allow me to have a complete set of upper teeth? I’m 80 years old.
    Do you have certified dentists in Hawaii?
    Gracias, Mark

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